Looking For a Practice to Benefit Your Body and Mind?

You may be interested in increasing strength or desire to improve your flexibility. Or you may be more interested in an escape from stress and a deeper connection to you. The beauty of a yoga practice is that you can do all that and more at the same time.

Your body was meant to perform a variety of actions that most of us just don’t do in our everyday lives. A well-crafted yoga class will work your body through a full range of movement, creating better function, better posture, and most importantly comfort and ease as you move through life.

That ease extends beyonds the physical.

In my class your attention will brought to the physical alignment in every pose, while also being reminded to pay close attention to the mental and emotional states they create within.

With skillful attention you will bring to each practice exactly what is required and get from each practice exactly what you need.

The yoga practice is designed to make the body stronger and more supple while balancing the frenetic energy that is ever present in our day to day lives.

If you’re feeling lethargic and lacking enthusiasm, you can focus the practice to increase the flow of energy through you to bring you into a more balanced state.

Equally if you have an excess of energy and overstimulation, a balanced practice can be the mental antidote, bringing greater clarity and focus, and the peace you desire.

The meditative aspects of a yoga practice focus the mind. When extraneous thoughts drop away, we feel more relaxed and our ability to deal with whatever life brings our way is greatly enhanced.

Above all the quality of attention in our yoga practice leads to greater awareness. Awareness of what’s happening in the physical body. Awareness of the habitual patterns of our mind. Awareness of our breath.

When your attention is brought to the body, mind, and breath simultaneously it harmonizes your entire being, like a beautiful symphony. When your body is healthy and your mind is calm, you can show up in your life with ease, clarity, enthusiasm, presence and joy.

Is that something you’d like to experience?

Why My Class?

You've probably heard of the many benefits of yoga already. There are also more than a few styles of yoga, each with their unique benefits. There is no one style that is the best or most authentic. Each individual will benefit from a different approach.

And will have different requirements at different moments in their life. You might often enjoy an athletic class, but require a gentle restorative practice when dealing with illness or injury. You might enjoy a flowing practice to get into your body and out of your head, but also enjoy a slower paced alignment based practice when you want a deeper exploration of individual postures.

We change everyday and our yoga should change with us.

If you've been to more than a few yoga classes, you know that each teacher brings their unique approach to the practice.

What Is My Unique Approach, And Is Mine The Right Class For You?

I like to change and go with the flow.

My classes are most easily described as alignment based vinyasa flow. You’ll be moving with the breath, using it as the link to thread the postures together. 

I’ll be continuously bringing your attention to the alignment of your body, so that you can become consciously aware of how you’re holding yourself. I’ll offer subtle adjustments that may bring greater ease and comfort not only in the pose, but also as you move off the mat.

In my classes you’ll always be offered options to make the poses accessible, safe, and (dare I say it?!) enjoyable for your body!

Find more information about my current class schedule here.

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