A Meditative Full Body Bliss Out​​​​​​​​​​

Whether you’ve been overworking your muscles or not working them enough, Thai Massage can provide relief from the resulting tension and tightness you may be experiencing.

During a Thai Massage treatment, your muscles will be massaged and stretched through a range of movements similar to yogic stretching.

These moves can be applied in a rigorous and dynamic fashion for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, or can be equally gentle and therapeutic for those suffering with injuries and degenerative conditions.

Because Thai massage uses such a wide variety of techniques and works the body through a broad range of movement, it allows the therapist to target more precisely where the underlying dysfunction lies. This of course leads to a more effective treatment and a quicker resolution to the pain and discomfort you might be experiencing.

You may find your time on the mat to be equally relaxing and invigorating. Other styles of massage can leave you feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus. An effective Thai bodywork session will leave you with more freedom and ease in your body, while bringing your energy levels into balance. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, not exhausted.

So what can you expect from a Thai Massage session?

All techniques are performed fully-clothed on a mat on the floor. You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes, as you would for working out. The therapist will move your body through a range of positions, while applying pressure to your muscles. The Thai Massage techniques are highly adaptable to any body type. There is no need to be flexible or athletic. Each session is designed to meet your specific needs.

The wisdom of these techniques has been developed over close to 2500 years. Traditional therapists work along lines of energy called sen, to enhance the flow of energy. While you may not believe in energy lines running through the body, there is no denying its effectiveness.

Whether it’s due to the sen lines coinciding with common trigger point patterns or blockages of life force energy, these techniques are highly effective in alleviating pain and promoting healthy function of all the body systems, not to mention the relief from mental stress and a greater sense of emotional well-being.

And let’s not forget that it feels amazing!

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