What is Creatively Being?

Creatively being is living your life by your design.

What do you desire to create? Now…? In the next five years…? In the next ten years….?

What would you like your life to look like? How would you like your body to be? What kind of relationships would be nourishing to you? How would you like to spend your time each day?

You don’t have to have all the answers ... or any answers!

There is an energy that comes up with each and every question. Maybe you’d like ease in your body, kindness and caring in your relationships, fun and joy in what you do each day.

What would it take to pull the energy of all your asks into your life right now?

And what could you choose today that would set into motion the actualization of your wildest desires?

You’ve probably noticed I’m asking a lot of questions.

Did you come here looking for answers??

What if all the answers you’ve found before — and will come to in the future — are only the tiniest fraction of the infinite possibilities that are actually available to you?

What if instead of seeking answers, it is the asking of questions that is the key to unlocking the infinite possibilities you could choose right now?

What if no choice was beyond reach?

Would you choose it?


Let Go of What's Holding You Back

Access Bars energy pull

The mind/body connection has been well known for many years. More recently, the energy that underlies it all has been gaining greater recognition.

What if there was a simple way to release stuck electro-magnetic energy and bring greater clarity and ease to your body and mind?

There is. It's called The Bars...

Experience Pure Body Bliss

Liz Waters Thai Massage Practitioner Cheshire

Traditional Thai Massage has been making bodies smile for centuries.

Yogic-like stretching combined with therapeutic massage techniques invigorate and soothe aching muscles in a meditative rhythm that will bliss out your mind.

Does your body desire a healing touch?

Out of Your Head & Into Your Body

Liz Waters doing yoga

A skilful yoga practice nourishes and strengthens your body while hitting the pause button on the mental chatter continuously swirling around your skull.

Bring back clarity of mind and ease in your body through mindful movement and attention to breath.

Are you ready to connect more deeply to you?


If you're looking for classes I run on Access Bars, Bars Gifting & Receiving and Access Consciousness Intros, you can find dates and information about those here.

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