Knutsford, Cheshire

Thursday, 16th February 2023

1 - 4pm

What are the Access Body Processes?

An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on your body while asking specific energies to run at each spot.

The energies are the natural energies that your body is, and has access to, from everywhere in the universe.

What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life?

The Access Body Processes are designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows your body to contribute to you and the creation of your life in a whole new way.

What will you learn in this class?

In this class you will learn one of the many Body Processes in Access Consciousness.

It's called MTVSS.

MTVSS is one of the most dynamic hands on tools in Access. It's often the "tool of choice" for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning.

MTVSS can be used a thousand different ways, and each time it creates a different possibility.

What would it be like to access the capabilities of you and your body that are beyond this reality?


Meet Your Facilitator

Hi, I'm Liz Waters. I've been using the tools of Access Consciousness for the past 6 years and I can honestly say that there is not a single area of my life that hasn't changed in ways that far exceeded what I dreamed possible or even dared to ask for.

And I wonder how it get's even better?! One thing I know is that everything can and will get greater if you're willing to ask.

Liz Waters Facilitator

Would you like to know what can change for you?

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